The same is nuts conference, this time the yen value than Luo Yonghao that is too high


2015-09-22 10:53

The last time the name "nuts" conference is famous RAKUGO performer Luo Yonghao nuts on the mobile phone conference, eloquence win, but in the face value is not satisfactory. This time the name "nuts" conference is nuts P1 intelligent projector conference, on the scene, Huang Xiaoming, Quan Ren and Li Bingbing, so that the highlight of the conference is the yen value.

Of course, the name "nuts" this thing, fire Lok Technology chairman Hu Zhenyu earlier than Luo Yonghao, which is not what the dispute exists, I remember not long ago Luo Yonghao also said they both have good relations, belong to different fields, the two sides Friendliness is conducive to business success.


What is P1 nuts?

Although the living product launches into a fan meet, but I still look by Li Bingbing moved to the new P1 nuts. In the last year, pioneering company fire music technology released nuts G1 (smart home theater projector), the maximum projection area of up to 300 inches, become a member of the family entertainment in the big screen. In addition to positioning in the family to play G1, the newly released P1 mobile positioning in the nuts, the weight of 1kg (slightly less than MacBook Air 13).

As a will replace the existing TV projector, become new TV form, the main parameters of P1 are as follows:

  • Brightness: 250ANSI lumens
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Standard resolution: 1280 * 720
  • Color gamut: more than 120% NTSC
  • Projection size: 40 - 180 inches
  • CPU: Quad Core MStar-6A628VX
  • GPU:Mali-450MP2
  • Memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Battery capacity: 15600mAh
  • Other: support 3D, support H.265 hardware decoding, support dual Wi-Fi

With a very large battery, so the positioning of mobile use nuts P1 can achieve 5 hours of battery life, see the two film no problem. As a product of CPU, GPU, image, the memory configuration can also be accepted, but the projection resolution of 720p is not advanced, even on the Internet streaming video really the highest resolution basically is 720p. But don't tell SONY that hundreds of price of six digit short focal length 4K projector, after all, the price is only 2000 P1 nuts, mobile intelligent projector positioning is enough.


Quan Ren, Li Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming is not a spokesperson, but investors

In general, like Quan Ren, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming (the delay is not present) out of the platform products, we will consider to be the voice, they take the money to get soft. But this time they gave three role reversal, as the party for money.

Star VC by Quan Ren, Li Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming jointly funded star venture investment institutions set up, shortly after released the first product of nuts G1, fire Lok Technology obtained 60 million yuan investment in fortune venture capital, IDG and StarVC.

So it is not hard to understand Quan Ren and Li Bingbing personally came to the site in the India airport, Huang Xiaoming sent a video speech, and in the marketing channel of nuts under the line, Huang Xiaoming actually has also become a product of publicity materials.


TV can not be destroyed, only in the form of change

In the conference, fire Lok Technology chairman Hu Zhenyu accepted a brief interview with the love child norm, discusses about the intelligent projector this emerging concept of audio-visual equipment.

Many people think that, after the rise of VR equipment, is like a cinema and television has been questioned in the future, although they are heading towards the resolution of the path of ascension rush, the resolution of the 8K TV has been on sale, the price is almost equivalent to S Model and a Tesla. Of course, in Hu Zhenyu's view, also is one of the leading intelligent projector TV transformation products.

New forms of equipment equipment form as old before replacing the LCD screen TV, CRT TV to replace the common core, VR and projector and TV is to show the contents of the.

In addition, I have a question is actually for resolution, because even if the resolution of 720p for network streaming media player is already enough, but to play the local blue level, the constraints of hardware parameters appeared. For this choice, Hu Zhenyu said, this is the market reason, reason is not the general case, they r & D strength is ahead of the listed products two times. That is to say, like SONY with 4K projector regardless of the cost or not, but the six digit price the market can not accept, what effect did not push out. If the price of these products can be reduced to below 10 thousand, even to the price of 5000, then it is worth starting value.

For start-up companies, R & D looking, but the market positioning to determine the existence, you need to be more careful.

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