Although it can not use bitcoin at Steam to buy the game, but you can use it to buy luxury goods


2017-12-12 15:39

A few days ago, Valve The company announced The game, Steam no longer support the payment platform using bitcoin, because the encryption of fluctuations in the value of money is too big, too high transaction costs.

Although it can not Nabite coins to buy the game, but you can use it to buy a car of this kind of art and high value products.

The White Company said The United States, they recently completed the first bitcoin transaction currency trading in modern art.

("Select a Victim", from the map Hypebeast )

This is sold, American artist Mark Flood's painting "Select a Victim", the transaction amounted to 12.3 bitcoins, worth about $100 thousand.

We understand that many buyers get a lot of encryption currency wealth in the near future, they have to buy real demand, but they think it is very troublesome to operation.

Elizabeth White Say She is The White, Company CEO, before the start, she had worked for LVHM and Wallace Karen Automobile Company (McLaren Automotive). she claim Our company is the United States, the first, is the only one to accept the encrypted luxury goods and art dealers to pay money.

In addition to art, White company also sales of luxury goods, cars and even private custom service. According to her introduction, they met who want to buy Super Bowl (Super Bowl) a guest, White also through rich connections to meet the needs of customers.

The customer is the purchase process full of anonymous love experience, we not only support monetary payment, but also provide encrypted communication channels.

White said. If the customer wants to use Telegram or Signal this kind of encryption communication app communication, White will cooperate with.

Since (Fig. CNN )

Bitcoin as an encryption currency, although the user in the payment and receiving can remain anonymous, but if you want to cash, or to disclose personal identity information. Therefore, directly to the bitcoin purchase physical goods become an alternative choice in relative secrecy.

Since this year, bitcoin transaction price has increased Close to 12 times . CoinDesk data display At present, bitcoin transaction price has reached $1.6 million.

Since (Fig. CoinDesk )

In this regard, bitcoin early investor Roger Weil (known as "bitcoin Jesus") in Said in an interview with CNBC At present, speculation, bitcoin has far exceeded its availability:

I think bitcoin will rise more in the short term, but it is no longer a crypto currency.

Bitcoin has become a "hot potato" of the game, the game is likely to continue for a long period of time, many people will invest a lot of money, even decades. But as the availability of money has been destroyed.

Figure from Macbeth-international

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